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Hangman for android (touch) is a classic word guessing game. The mobile phone thinks
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18 December 2010

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Learning through games has always been a great experience for all of us. Through gaming one can learn things faster and it always stays in the mind. Learning through gaming teaches us a great virtue that a person possibly can not learn from any other source. In fact, games which helps in teaching are mostly classic games which has been played from a very long time and are likely to retain their popularity even in the days to come. They are, in fact, a part of many educational curriculum also. There are so many things that one learns from these games. Game like scramble, and such other games helps in learning new words and there correct spellings. Such games, with the passage of time, has been converted into virtual forms also and now they can be found in the world of internet also.

Hangman 1.1 is a classic word making game for touchscreen mobile devices, in which words needs to be guessed by the player in order to advance through various levels. In Hangman 1.1 the mobile phone thinks of a word and deleted few letters of that word which the player need to guess and fill in. The deleted letters are replaced by dashes and the player has to select the letters from all the alphabets. When the player clicks on the correct letter it gets written in the correct position. However, if a wrong letter is selected which is not a part of the word, then on the hangman diagram on the top side of the screen as tally mark an element is drawn by the mobile phone. There are two reasons for which the game might end - first of all when the player guesses the whole word correctly he is promoted to the next round, secondly when the diagram of the hangman is complete.

It is a good game which enhances the player`s vocabulary up to a great extent, and thus it is good for students and learners and anyone who wants to enhance their power of words. Thus no doubt it deserves a four and half star rating.

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Hangman for mobile (touch) is a classic word guessing game. The mobile phone thinks of a word and you need to guess it by suggesting letters. The word to guess is represented by a row of dashes, giving the number of letters. If you suggest a letter which occurs in the word, it will be written in all its correct positions. If the suggested letter does not occur in the word, mobile phone draws one element of the hangman diagram as a tally mark. The game is over when; (a) The guessing player completes the word, or guesses the whole word correctly. A new round will start over, or (b) The hangman diagram is complete. If you have more than 20 points in your score you may also buy a letter. Once you beat our minimum high-score you can submit your high score to our on-line hall of fame and get it rated with all our other players.
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